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Book Translation

Why do you need translation for your book?

Book translation includes translating scientific, medical, engineering, literary and other books. Authors targeting international readers need to translate their books into the languages of their target audience. Therefore, translating books and publications requires a special talent, deep knowledge and certain expertise about the topic of the publication.

Translating scientific material requires a translator with huge knowledge and experience in handling scientific content to ensure delivering a precise message to the target readers.

Likewise, the translation of medical writings imposes on the translator to be extremely precise because the translated output may entail using it as an input for some decision process. Hence, if the translation is not as precise as it should be, some unwanted consequences may arise.

On the other hand, translating literary books and literature material requires a different set of skills and capabilities. Therefore, translators of a literary publication needs to have a literary background to be able to reflect the cultural and rhetorical aspects of the material they are translating.

In the business field, almost all government entities and private companies have their own HR and procedure manuals that they use as guidelines for all employees. Translating such manuals and guidelines requires the translator to have a special combination of legal translation skills and copywriting talent.

Contact our translators specialized in various scientific, engineering and literary fields to assist you in translating your books.

Below is a list of the types of books that Elite Legal Translation Services can translate for you within days:

  • Medical publications
  • Engineering guidelines
  • Scientific publications
  • Literary books
  • HR manuals
  • Procedure manuals