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Court Paper Translation

Why do you need legal translation for your court papers?

At times of dispute, court paper translation arises due to the fact that courts or judicial or arbitration entities accept to consider only written documentation that supports the claims of litigants. Hence, it is vital to legally translate all your court papers into Arabic if such papers and documents will go to a UAE court or into English or any other language if they will go to an abroad judicial authority outside the UAE.

To that end, documents issued from outside the UAE must observe the legal requirements of submission to a government entity or presentation to a court or judicial entity. As a result, legal translation for such papers will be necessary to avoid rejecting the document by the court or delaying your procedures. This is because UAE laws require that the use of any document before a government entity must be in Arabic or a sworn translator legally translate them into Arabic.

You should always bear in mind as well that any document coming from outside the UAE is in need of attestation by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs before using it in official settings.

Our legal translation services are designed and developed to assist you with all your translation needs for any type of court files. Contact us NOW help you with your court paper translation needs.

Below is a list of the court documents that Elite Legal Translation Services can translate for you within hours:

  • Statement of Claim Legal Translation
  • Court Judgment Legal Translation
  • Arbitration Document Legal Translation
  • Arbitral Award Legal Translation
  • Lawsuit Legal Translation
  • Notarial Notice Legal Translation
  • Court Appeal Legal Translation
  • Email Legal Translation
  • Correspondence Legal Translation