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If you are looking for accurate, professional legal translation services, efficient localization and distinguished interpretation services near you in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, RAK or any place in the UAE, Elite Legal Translation Services is here to assist you with that. With our specialized translation departments, the premium output is our achievement.

ISO Certified

Elite Legal Translation Services is an ISO-certified, quality-assured translation company. Achieving and maintaining this certification means that we produce translations and services recognized worldwide. Contact us for optimal quality translation services.

Licensed by the Ministry of Justice​

Elite Legal Translation Services is duly licensed by the Ministry of Justice with entry No: 328 to provide legal translation services for all documents (contracts, certificates, books, many others). Call us to legally translate your document.​

Why Elite Legal Translation Services? Let us help you with our high quality services that will surely meet your expectations and fulfill your needs!


We value your time! We are well known for our observation of deadline with a wide open eye on quality. We will help you get your translation at the time you need it. We deliver fast, accurate language translation services to our local and international clients in various sectors. Through our branches in the UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah), USA, Syria and Lebanon as well as our online presence 24/7, we are capable and always on alert to respond to your translation needs at any time from anywhere.


Legal translators must observe 100% accuracy in translation. With ELTS, you never have to worry about the accuracy of your translated document. Our top-notch team of highly skilled native speaking professional translators provide you with the highest-quality work and deliver the best translation possible.


It’s our understanding of your business needs, our strong commitment to provide you exceptional levels of quality and customer service that set us apart from other translation companies. We believe in long-term relationship and profitability. Our prices meet the expectations of our clients.

Legal Translation Services

We are in constant need of legal translation services for proper communication among individuals, businesses and governments, starting from translating a birth or education certificate, contract, court lawsuit, to books and publications. Call us to assist you with our fast and affordable translation services for all your documents.

Recent years have seen great demand on online payment and delivery of services and products at home. Therefore, we have developed all our systems to enable our customers to make online payments for all their invoices by one click with the option of delivering the translated files to them at the comfort of their homes or offices.


Translation Services

Translation services must be precisely, properly and duly delivered. Without precise delivery of translation services, you will absolutely not be able to submit any paper to a government entity, especially if documents are issued in a language other than Arabic.

Attestations Service

The attestations service we provide includes attesting all types of documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education, Chamber of Commerce, Health Authorities and Embassies of all countries.

Driving license translation & replacement is an option to obtain a driving license from UAE traffic authorities to replace a driving license with a UAE one. We are linked online with Traffic Departments to assist you translate and receive your driving license

Notary Public Applications

Notary public applications include memorandum of associationpower of attorneycontracts & agreementsdeclarations, acknowledgements, and local service agent contracts.

Police Clearance Certificate

The police clearance certificate (no criminal record) is an official document issued by the Ministry of Interior and police departments to ensure that a person doesn’t have a criminal record to evidence this fact and status.

Interpretation Services

At Elite Legal Translation Services, we are very keen to provide you with top quality interpretation services specifically designed to support you in your business meetings, conferences, events or any other context.

Best Priced Translation Services

We ensure the highest level of quality for the best priced translation services. Cheap prices are available for general translations between English and Arabic for businesses, and legal translation services are charged reasonable prices for all legal purposes. All our translations include extra proofreading by a second eye and we always make it available to clients to have to option to come back to us at any time if they are not happy with our work. We do not have any hidden costs and you will always pay whatever was initially quoted to you.

Free Sample Translation

We have you and your project covered! We are open to making a free sample translation of your document to make sure that you are satisfied even before you start dealing with us. Send us your document to benefit from these free sample translations.

Fast & Affordable Translation Services

We all need fast and affordable translation services with top quality. We ensure that you get the best quality translation as fast and affordable as no one else can offer. Call us or visit our services page.

Online Translation Services

Digitalization and fast-paced developments have increased demand on online translation services. Hence, we have developed a full-fledged translation solution to attend to the translation needs of all our clients. Call us and get a free quote to translate your document.

Interaction by WhatsApp, Email, Phone and Live-chat

Can’t wait? We are all in a hurry, right? So please contact us through WhatsApp, email, phone or live-chat so we can make all required arrangements to give you a quote and determine your exact needs to be able to satisfy them to the highest level. We regularly charge per page or word but talk to us as maybe we can give you better options that suit your project and budget.

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Translation Company Near Everyone

Everyone of us will always find it ideal to have a translation company near us for all translation services needed, which can be achieved through presence online. Therefore, we encourage you to visit our page and enjoy the discounted prices we offer. It is a matter of fact that we are living in this digital era that is characterized by the large availability of almost all services online, but still some physical contact is very frequently needed. Therefore, at Elite Legal Translation Services we are always developing our translation services and solutions to suit all tastes and satisfy all needs. With our professional and specialized team, you don’t have to worry as we can reach you online and at any place on ground. To that end, our branches are spread in many countries and cities to be very close to you to make sure that your search for a translation company or office near me is never as easy and helpful as it never was. All you need to do is look for us by searching for “translation services near me” and you will find us within your sight. Contact us now to benefit from our services and offers.

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Sunando Chaudhuri

I recently used their service to get a few documents verified and received an excellent service. Emy was the person who I was in contact with and she was most cordial and helpful when I arrived and helped me in getting the work done fast. Thank you for an excellent experience.

Mansi Goswami

Elite Legal <b>Team</b> is a fantastic professionals, super fast is work and have a great customer service. It is indeed a pleasure to have all the documents translated from your company in a professional way. Special Thanks to Emy and Michelle

Wisam Safi

Super efficient. Communicated via WhatsApp and did the translation in a couple of hours and accepted payment via bank transfer via my bank app. Highly recommended. Excellent prices!

Juan L

Emy was great at aiding me with the process to get my driving license documents uploaded. Everything done very quickly and professionally. It only took me couple of hours to receive me my driving license!

Sami Sawers

Thanks too much for the best ,kind and fast service by Ms. Emy Ventura. She is really honest and professional.Thanks for the perfect translation .Really perfect and cheap service.I recommend Elite Legal services center to everybody.

Phalguna Kousika

Intially i did not trust online services for legal translation of driving license , indian documents, but Elite has changed my perspecive. They are professional and provide efficient and quick service. The prices are on par with the market and the executives are professional.Ms Charlene has been very helpful.

Nashwa Salem

Emy is great! I found her level of professionalism and warmth very inviting. My translation was done on the spot.
I would highly recommend Elite and Emy in particular for any of your translation needs.

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