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Dedicated Translation Company Near Me

I will always find it ideal to have a dedicated translation company near me for all translation services needed, which can be achieved through presence online. Visit our page and enjoy the discounted prices we offer. It is a matter of fact that we are living in this digital era that is characterized by the large availability of almost all services online, but still some physical contact is very frequently needed. Therefore, at Elite Legal Translation Services we are always developing our translation services and solutions to suit all tastes and satisfy all needs. With us you don’t have to worry as we can reach you online and any place on ground. Our branches are spread in many countries and cities to be very close to you to make sure that your search for a translation company or office near me is never as easy and helpful as it never was; all you need to do is look for us by searching for translation services near me and you will find us within your sight. Contact us now to benefit from our services and offers.

Subpoena Legal Translation

You need a subpoena legal translation through a sworn translator to officially use it with courts or other judicial authorities. The legal translators of Elite Legal Translation Services assist you to get your civil subpoena officially and legally translated to be used for any official purpose.

Machine Translation Software

You may find machine translation software useful for your big project or if you are running on a small budget. We may be able to use such machine translation software to translate your documents. Such software may assist us in spotting the repeated parts and do them automatically. Then, we have our professionals revise and refine the translation to reduce costs.

Top Quality Translation

When it comes to language services, everyone expects to receive top quality translation to avoid any issues when using it. Since the UAE laws and regulations require all dealings and communications with the federal and local authorities to be in Arabic while most companies internally use the English language as the official language for communication and business, companies and businesses find themselves at all times in need to translate from English to Arabic most, or all, of their documents and papers to be submitted to the government entity. Our professional translator team ensures that you get the best English to Arabic translations for your documentation towards guaranteeing the precise delivery of your message to the government.

In parallel, when the government entities issue any papers, tenders, instructions or any other documents, they issue them in Arabic. When companies want to understand these issued papers they need them to be translated from Arabic to English. Elite Legal Translation Services is always next to you to provide you with Arabic to English translation of all documentations to make sure that you have smooth business administration with the government entities.

Accurate Translation Services

We provide highly accurate translation services from and into over 110 languages and can do all language pairs. We cover all major types of translation and language related services. Our specialized and dedicated translator teams has the potential and capacity to provide you with contract translation, agreement translation, memorandum of association translation, power of attorney translation and any other translation need quickly and affordably as no other translation agency can.

Good Price Translation Services

We assure you to receive good price translation services at high quality levels. Due to using our highly effective and efficient project management system, which allows us to stay connected with all our project managers, translators, interpreters, proofreaders and editors and tremendously improves our workflow, we have some of the lowest rates in the market.

Professional Spanish Translation

We have a highly professional Spanish translation team with an excellent experience; they are able to provide translations for any documents or websites from and into Spanish, including legal translation.

Professional Chinese Translation

Our professional Chinese translation services assist you to keep pace with the global spread China has achieved on the economic and cultural levels. This has entailed the demand on its language as it is on its goods and services. The Mandarin and Malayalam languages are the common ones used in China or people who want to communicate with Chinese persons. Elite Legal Translation Services has expanded its language services to include translating from and to the Chinese languages. Send us your document or contact us and we will assist you fast like the Chinese do.

Precise Translation to English

Our precise translation to English services have been developed to accommodate your English translation needs. We are living in a world that is using the English language as the main connecting language among nations and countries in all continents on this planet. Therefore, sooner or later you most probably will need to translate to English your academic papers and qualifications, birth certificate, marriage contract and all other personal and/or professional files and documents to English to be able to apply for immigration, study abroad or move to live in a foreign country. We are here to assist you in making this process of translating your files to English an easy task; just give us a call, message us on WhatsApp or email us and leave the rest to us.

Professional Translation to Arabic

Professional translation to Arabic services witness high demand in a country like the UAE. This is due to being a country that is known for its diversity, where people of more than 100 nationalities live on its soil. Local laws necessitate that any files or documents to be submitted to a government entity must be submitted in Arabic. This being taken into consideration, along with the this huge diversity of nationalities speaking different languages, there is always a need to translate to Arabic all your documents, files and papers to be submitted to the government authorities. However, you don’t have to worry at all about this as we can help you with all your translation needs to ensure you that you receive the best and most precise translation to Arabic for all your documentation.

Excellent German Translation

Need your documents issued in German to be legally translated? Our excellent German translation services are designed to make your life easier. We have developed our German translation team due to the fact that German is the official language in many countries, including Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Austria, and four cantons of Switzerland. It is one of the most prominent languages in the business field, especially in the Euro market and is the most widely spoken native language in the European Union. Our network of highly qualified translators and native language professionals, we are able to satisfy all your language and translation needs from and into German.

What Elite Legal Translation Services can do for you!

General Document Translation

We provide general document translation services through our expert translators in all major fields, ready to give you the best translation experience. Whether it is HR manual, policies, financial, technical, medical, or any other specialized translation, we are here to assist you.

Professional Proofreading

Our efficient and qualified linguist team is able to provide you with distinguished and professional proofreading services that are readily available for any document or language. We are here to improve and adapt any document that you want to make it perfect with the lowest charges.

Lawsuit Legal Translation

Our team of specialized sworn translators is assembled to help you to get you lawsuit legal translation very fast. This includes court papers, claim documents, civil procedure, court document, statement of claim and any other supportive documents you need them translated to be submitted to the court.

Multilingual Website Translation

Multilingual website translation and localization should be done the right way; otherwise this has no benefits and might give reverse effects. Our team of copywriters, proofreaders and editors along with our web specialists are ready to take your website and your business to the next level trough efficient localization utilizing our long experience in the field of website localization.

Power of Attorney Translation & Drafting

The power of attorney translation & drafting arises from the need to authorize someone else to act on your behalf. It is a common practice in all societies to authorize others to do certain things on your behalf. However, this can’t be done without proper authorization and empowerment. Most, if not all, laws and jurisdictions require an official power of attorney (POA) or proxy to be drafted and, if necessary, translated to enable the attorney to work accordingly. At Elite Legal Translation Services, we help you to draft and/or translate to Arabic or English your special or general power of attorney and, if necessary, prepare it in dual format to be submitted to the notary public for notarization to make things easy for you when you submit this POA for an official use.

Affordable Certified Translation

We encourage you to benefit from our affordable certification translation services if you are thinking to immigrate to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, US, or any other country. You’ll need certified translation of all your personal documents (birth certificate, marriage contract, study certificates, university degree) to use them to support your application. Our services are affordable and assure you that to receive your translated documents in under 24 hours.

Court Document Legal Translation

Court document legal translation is necessarily required at times of disputes. All judicial systems of different countries require all papers to be presented before the courts, arbitration entities or experts to be in the official language of the respective country. Official legal translation of court papers and documents is considered of special nature due to the complexity of the legal writing and sensitivity of context since it has consequences that may affect persons’ lives or well-being. Our legal and sworn translators guarantee to translate all your court documents and papers in a professional and precise way to ensure smooth flow of your litigation. Just send us your papers and leave the remaining to us.

Notarized Translation Services

On top of certification, notarized translation services are also available, if needed. We will translate, certify the translation and go to the notary to have it notarized, so you do not have to spend your time and energy with it. Our diverse and dedicated team will ensure that you receive your best translation services hand in hand with notarized document translations within short deadlines.

Attested Translation Services

Every document to be used in UAE must use attested translation services by a sworn translator. Translated documents need to be attested by the Ministry of Justice after translating them by the sworn translator. We will translate, certify the translation and go to the Ministry of Justice to have it attested, so you can save you time and energy in this regard.

Accurate Translation Services

The provision of accurate translation services are not as simple as some might think. Definitely, the translator has to be really good at languages that you use, but getting an accurate translation at a professional level requires the translator to know the subject you are translating!

That’s why we employ professional translators who are not only linguists and language experts, but also really well-versed of various fields. If you want a truly high-grade, dependable and accurate translation service, Elite Legal Translation Services can provide you with that.

Thousands of customers have trusted Elite Legal Translation Services with their projects so far, and not even a single one has anything negative to say about our services. A large part of them are old clients which always come back to us when they need more translations, and they are always happy with the output while leaving behind positive feedback.

Professional Translators To Each Project

We ensure to deploy the most suitable professional translators to each project based on belief in the importance of delivering top quality translations. Our translators pay special attention to the process of adapting information to an appropriate layout that will perfectly fit the target language and culture. We always prefer native speaking translators for the best quality results since it is certain that they would be well aware of their respective cultures.

We assign the right number of translators to each project after being carefully tested before accepting them in our team. They are carefully selected so they are natives of your target language and are well-versed in the field. The initial translation will always be verified by a proofreader or editor who is going to ensure the work of the translator is accurate by evaluating the translation and comparing it with the original text. The translation is finally checked by our quality assurance team which sends the output to the client along with a quality report, if needed.

Professional, consistent and competitively priced, we are a service provider that gives you more. Why not get in touch with us for a free quote?

Translation for Official Purposes

Any type of document can require translation for official purposes from any language into any other language depending on the purpose it will be used for and the entity to be submitted for. At Elite Legal Translation Services, we are known for our dedication to always improving and developing our services to assist you and make your life easier. Whether you have a birth or marriage certificate, school or university degree, memorandum of association, service agent contract, special or general power of attorney or any other type of document, our certified translators are here to assist you and translate to English, Arabic or any other language your files within very short deadlines.

Best Prices

Are you seeking the best prices for your document translation? You have our attention caught! Based on our long experience extending for more than 20 years in the translation industry you have come to the right place to assist you in finding your language translation solution. We have offices in the USA, UAE, Lebanon and Syria to offer a 24-hour service without any extra cost or hidden charges. It is our values is to be transparent with our clients.

We charge clear rates per word or per page for all language pairs. In addition to regular legal and other document translations that can be delivered within the same day, we offer certified, legal translations. We have succeeded over the past years to develop a brilliant full efficient project management system that is subject to monthly revisions to offer the most effective and efficient service that suit all needs of all clients of all sizes.

We offer the most competitive prices per page or per word. Not only this but, we are also the most efficient and lowest priced translation firm for certified and notarized translations.

Available 24/7

With our offices in the USA, UAE, Lebanon and Syria, we are available 24/7 to translate for you. We are always very keen to deliver our clients with the best general and legal translation services around the clock with our project managers are always accessible to help you with any agreements, contracts, manuals, certificates or other documents you need translated.

Due to using our in-house developed translation management system, we are connected with our team of translators, interpreters, proofreaders and editors online and we are able to take on any translation, interpretation, proofreading and editing task, from and to any language combination, no matter the size of your project or document.

With Elite Legal Translation Services you no longer have to wait. As soon as you approve our quote, we will schedule and make all required arrangements to create contact between you and the right translators, proofreaders and editors and we start working on your project in minutes!

WhatsApp Support

Can’t wait? We are all in a hurry, right? So please contact us through WhatsApp support so we can make all required arrangements to give you a quote and determine your exact needs to be able to satisfy them to the highest level. We regularly charge per page or word but talk to us as maybe we can give you better options that suit your project and budget.

What about the quality? We always ensure to use translators, interpreters, proofreaders and editors for your project who are well selected after being tested before joining our workforce. The work of those specialized translators will always be checked by a proofreader who is going to double-check their work by comparing the target text with the source.



Translation Services

We know that it is increasingly becoming need to opt for online translation services. It is true and more efficient to do things online to avoid the hassle of driving and looking for a parking in such busy cities. If you are far from any of our offices or don’t have the time to visit us, you can contact us by WhatsApp, email or use our online translation services from the comfort of your office or home. We provide multiple ways to get in touch with our team and get a free quote for your document: by phone, e-mail, contact forms or WhatsApp, you are able to quickly get in contact with our project managers no matter where in the world you may be. Any questions you may have will be answered within few minutes and a quote sent to you by WhatsApp or e-mail, all at your convenience. If you are ready to proceed with your translation order, you can easily confirm and pay the quotation amount through any payment channel. As soon as the payment is received, we will assign the best translator and proofreader to translate your document and when they’re done and the translation is checked by our quality assurance team it will be sent to you.

Another advantage of using a UAE translation company is that you also have the option to have your translation sent to you by e-mail, courier or delivered to you by our driver to make sure that you receive it faster.


Regardless of the type of your documents such as birth certificates, educational transcripts, immigration papers, marriage papers, partnership contracts, divorce certificates or any sort of document can easily be translated into another language fast and secure by easily contacting us online or through WhatsApp. We always seek to be efficient and in developing solutions to save your time and energy.

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The advantages of working with an

international translation company

Many advantages can be attained from dealing with an international translation company. A translation firm working at a global level has more resources in terms of staff and technology, which allow them to provide faster, more efficient, more responsive and more accurate services.

Elite Legal Translation Services uses professional, qualified and licensed translators, interpreters, proofreaders and editors from all over the world; linguists who not only know their language perfectly, but actually live there, which is of extreme importance when it comes to translation and localization as your message needs to be conveyed, translated and localized to that specific market you are targeting. Who would know better their slang, culture and habits than a local?

Whether you need translation for personal, visa, business, study or immigration to Canada, Australia, US or any other country, we assure you that we will always have the sufficient and suitable linguists who are natives of your target language and specialized in your field to work on your documents or project to translate and proofread, to give you highly accurate translations at affordable rates.

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