Brazil Driving License to UAE License

Brazil Driving License to UAE License

Bom dia! Are you newly resident of UAE and owning a Brazil driving license? At Elite Legal Translation Services, we can help you in converting it into UAE license.

What are the documents needed?

  1. An eye test from accredited optical shop
  2. Valid Driving License
  3. Valid emirates ID
  4. Passport Copy
  5. Live photo click (to be done in our office)
  6. Driving License Form (to be done in our office)

Since your license is in Portuguese language, we need to translate it first into Arabic before we can submit it to traffic department. You are eligible to have a golden chance since Brazil license is not convertible.

We can do the translation and submission of your documents, open your file and book your theory class if you wanted to do it online, which is more convenient if you are working.

We will also assist you on the booking of your theory test date. After passing this stage, the Emirates Driving School will continue with your application.

It might look a lot since you need to undergo training, but this is still an advantage as you are having your license from your home country than those who doesn’t.

We can start the application for you if you are having Abu Dhabi visa and all your requirements are complete. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now 02-4120000 to start your driving license process!

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