Email and Chat Legal Translation

Email and Chat Legal Translation

Emails are considered confidential and if required, we need to send a copy of it as a proof of evidence or just for the sake of requirements.

The question is, can emails be a legal translation? The answer is yes.

If the emails most especially showing that it is coming from UAE, it will be considered as a legal translation when it will be translated to Arabic language. And now a days, we are receiving such kind of documents as there are a lot of things happening on social media, some are receiving frauds, threats, etc.

If you got yourself bothered by unknown emails or messages and you are in UAE, you can file a case in court directly but they will be asking for you to make a legal translation of it into Arabic.

Other kinds of conversation messages that we are receiving and translating are WhatsApp messages, SMS, messenger conversation and a like.

We are having our set of translators that are specially designated to translate this kind of files so rest assured that the translated document that you are going to receive are accurate.

In case of confidentiality, you got nothing to worry about, we can also issue a non-disclosure agreement for you to be relieved.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now, its toll free! 800 35487 or send us hi message here on the website to assist you.

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