How to legalize documents from UAE

If you are residing in UAE for some time, there are instances that we are making life choices here like getting married or giving birth, deciding to study in here or went here for medical purposes. 

Whatever the reason behind, all those choices are having proofs which are documented, and for us to use it in our home country or to use it in other country, we need to do a proper translation and attestation of the documents.

For marriage or birth certificates issued here, it can be done and issued in English or Arabic language and when you are going to use it outside UAE, it should be having a translation of the origin language of where you will be submitting it.

Same with degree certificate and medical records.

One thing is for sure that should not be forgotten to do in your document is to have it attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs here inside UAE so the legality will be there.

These type of services can be done with us, as we are offering a wide range of legal translation languages and our translators are certified by Ministry of Justice, rest assured that the quality of translation that you will be getting is superb and accurate. Just let us know what are the requirements you need and we will be giving you the suitable advice and process everything for you in a budget-friendly price.

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