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How to obtain driving license in Dubai?

Obtaining a driving license in UAE differs from which emirates your visa is issued. It is not having a whole divergent process and the requirements are similar but there will be minor differences only.

To obtain a driving license in Dubai, you will need to follow these steps:

Get a Dubai residency visa: You must have a valid Dubai residency visa before you can apply for a driving license.

Pass an eye test: You will need to pass an eye test at an authorized optician in Dubai. This test is to ensure that your vision meets the required standard for driving.

Register for driving classes: Register for driving classes at any of the authorized driving schools in Dubai. You can choose from a range of driving courses, including automatic and manual transmission.

Attend driving classes: Attend a minimum of 40 hours of driving classes, which will include theory and practical lessons.

Pass the theory test: Once you have completed the driving classes, you will need to pass a theory test. The test will cover road signs, traffic rules and regulations, and other important information about driving in Dubai.

Pass the road test: After passing the theory test, you will need to take a road test. The test will assess your driving skills and ability to follow traffic rules and regulations.

Obtain your driving license: If you pass the road test, you will be issued with a UAE driving license, which is valid for 10 years.

Note that the entire process of obtaining a driving license in Dubai can take several months, depending on the individual’s driving skills and ability to pass the tests.

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