Memorandum of Association in UAE

Memorandum of Association in UAE

Memorandum of Association (MOA) is a legal document that outlines the fundamental details and rules governing the establishment and operation of a company. It is one of the key documents required for company formation in the UAE. Here are some essential points regarding the Memorandum of Association in the UAE:

Purpose: The MOA defines the company’s objectives, scope of activities, and the reason for its establishment.

Shareholders: The MOA identifies the shareholders of the company, their names, nationalities, and the number of shares each shareholder holds. It also outlines the distribution of profits and losses among the shareholders.

Capital: The MOA specifies the authorized share capital of the company, which represents the total value of shares that can be issued. It also mentions the nominal value of each share.

Liability: The MOA clarifies the liability of the shareholders. In a limited liability company (LLC), the shareholders’ liability is limited to the extent of their shareholding. In a public joint-stock company (PJSC), shareholders may have limited or unlimited liability.

Governance: The MOA establishes the governance structure of the company, including the board of directors and the general assembly. It outlines the powers, responsibilities, and decision-making processes of these governing bodies.

Registered Office: The MOA mentions the registered office address of the company, which is the official location for legal and administrative purposes.

Company Name: The MOA states the name of the company, which should comply with the naming conventions and guidelines set by the relevant authorities in the UAE.

Duration: The MOA specifies the intended duration of the company, which could be perpetual or for a specific period.

Amendments: The MOA outlines the procedures and requirements for making amendments to the document in the future. These amendments may include changes to the company’s objectives, share capital, or governance structure.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements and provisions for the Memorandum of Association may vary depending on the type of company (e.g., LLC, PJSC) and the regulatory framework in the specific emirate or free zone where the company is being established. It is advisable to consult with a legal professional or a business setup service provider like us to ensure compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, you can contact us anytime at 800-35-87 or check our website at for any inquiries.

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