Non-Convertible Driving License Application in Abu Dhabi

If you want to apply as a new normal application, you do not require any additional document. Just you need to do an eye test for Abu Dhabi Traffic and your emirates ID.

If you are applying under Golden chance or GCC License holder category, you must submit any of the following additional document along with Emirates ID, Eye test and your foreign driving license.

  1. Tenancy contract issued under your name from Abu Dhabi municipality. If Tenancy contract is under your husband name or under the name of your family member, you can add your name as occupant in Tawtheeq. Owner of the land or apartment have to approve this.
  2. Trade license of your company in Abu Dhabi branch. Make sure that the company name in your visa and Abu Dhabi trade license should look similar, or must be under same owner.
  3. MOHRE Labor contract issued from Abu Dhabi.
  4. Student ID issued from Abu Dhabi or Letter from your university that you are studying in Abu Dhabi campus.

Your application is subject to the approval of Abu Dhabi Traffic department depends on the document that you submitted.

Once you are on the right age and planning to have your driving license application, we are always available 24/7 to address your inquiries.

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