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Power of Attorney for Use Outside UAE

Sometimes, we need to move urgently from our home country and leaving some works that should be done by us. Since we cannot do it anymore, we will be needing a power of attorney to appoint someone else in our behalf.

Here inside the UAE, if we will be going to do a power of attorney, the file can be in Arabic only, if both parties, the one who will give the power and the one who will receive the power are both Arabic and can be 2 sided as well in English and Arabic. But the most important thing is, it should be having Arabic translation as the notary public here in UAE accepts only Arabic documents. Even you will be using it on a country speaking English only, it is a must to make it 2 sided as the POA’s origin is from UAE.

If you doesn’t have any idea how to start your POA, you can come to us and discuss which kind of POA you wanted to make, as we can draft it for you, do the legalization and submission to the notary public directly. What you just needed to do is to attend a video call of verification and from then, they will stamp and send you the link of your notarized document.

Since the notarized file is coming from UAE and will be used outside the country, the document should have an attestation also from Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But you doesn’t need to worry as well since we can also do this service for you. Sounds relieved?

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