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The attestations service we provide covers government authorities, embassies and other departments that require documents issued abroad and intended to be used for official purposes to be attested. Contact our team to assist you with attesting, notarizing and certifying your documents.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation provides attestation services for all kinds of documents.The purpose of this procedure is to check the validity of stamp and signature on such documents, whether issued inside or outside Country.

The attestations service of the Ministry of Justice allows the customer to submit an application for obtaining affidavits or authentications related to the following: Marriage confirmation request, confirmation of returning to marriage request, no-marriage confirmation request, Sharia marriage contract request, confirmation of gift request, powers of attorney related to civil status, request of confirmation of kinship, request of confirmation of two names for one person, request of change of name of tribe, request of confirmation of change of first name, general request of witnesses, request of acknowledgement of entry or non-entry, request of confirmation of dedication, will confirmation request, request to move outside the court, request to confirm supervision or changing the person conducting supervision, attestation of customary deeds and attestation of signature of proof of adulthood, confirmation of sponsorship and care of child, national service provisions.

The Ministry of Health provides this attestation for sick leave certificates issued by private or governmental health facilities, irrespective of duration, for provision to employers. Note that the procedures for obtaining this service vary depending on the duration of sick leave, and that sick leave exceeding a period of five days requires the approval of the medical committee concerned.

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Abu Dhabi Education Council
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Health Authorities
  • Embassies of all countries