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Driving License Replacement

Driving license replacement & translation is an option offered by UAE traffic authorities to replace a driving license with a UAE one.

Everyone looking to drive a car inside the UAE must hold a UAE valid driving license. Competent traffic authorities have certain requirements that need to be fulfilled by everyone to be eligible to hold that driving license card. As well, there are different categories and options for applying to be authorized to get it. Persons of some countries can apply for replacement of their driver license issued from their home countries by submitting an online application for replacement and can get their UAE driving license. Elite Legal Translation Services has deployed a team to work through its linked platform with Abu Dhabi Traffic and Licensing Department to submit the online application to covert your driver license and get the UAE driving license card within twenty four (24) hours.

Below is a list of countries whose citizens are authorized to apply for replacement:

Albania Denmark Italy Poland Spain
Australia France Japan Portugal Sweden
Austria Germany Latvia Romania Switzerland
Belgium Greece Lithuania Serbia Turkey
Bulgari Hong Kong Luxembourg Singapore UK
Canada Hungary Netherland Slovakia US
China Iceland New Zealand South Africa
Cyprus Ireland Norway South Korea

However, even if you are not a citizen of any of the above countries, you still have the chance to apply for the UAE driving license by submitting an online application to take the theoretical training and some practical training, if needed, to pass the road test towards getting your driver license card.