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Why do you need the localization service?

Localization & translation are always confusingly used as they are the same service, but the case is not like that. Localization is different from translation in the sense that localization is more of translating the source language to a local language for a local audience. It goes beyond just translating the words for the understanding of the local audience to ensure that they can benefit from the message intended to be delivered from the localized content. To that end, our localization expert team check out for the usages, terminologies and other vital factors of the region, city or even country that is targeted by the localized content.

Below is a list of the localization services that Elite Legal Translation Services can offer you within hours:

  • Website Translation & Localization
  • Mobile Translation & Localization
  • Computer Translation & Localization
  • Hotel Directory Translation & Localization
  • Travel & Tourism Translation
  • Software Translation & Localization
  • Film Scripts translation

Different Types of Localization Services

Localization services are offered for websites, software, and applications. All these localizations are different from each other and thus require different expertise from different people. The teams involved, study all the recent trends in the localization services and follow them accordingly.

Website Localization

In today’s idea of business, the real projection of your brand is nothing but your own website. It’s definitely easier than pulling all the people to your physical stores like the old fashioned way, yet there’s another dimension to it. You put up your website in English and assume that it is accessible for people all around the world, whereas there are almost a hundred countries and nations that speak and understand only their own language. They are content with not knowing or understanding even a single word of English.

And that’s the real challenge for you, how can you access, address and persuade such an audience. Well, here’s the answer, website localization.

Language Interpretation

Website localization service translates the text of your website into the targeted audience’s language but it’s more than just changing the lingo and the interface. At Elite Legal Translation Services, our website localization services are carried out by a specialized team of experts. We take the native translators on board, local marketing consultants and software technicians. With their joint effort, we provide a website localization service that will ensure more accessibility, more growth, better online presence and better revenue generation.


We also analyze the functionality of our localization by testing. The testing process gives us the clear idea of how much we have achieved in giving the user end the convenience and help that they expect to see in the localized version.

Elite Legal Translation Services is the number one translation company and that’s not just a claim, we truly understand the importance of translation and localization for your business and this is why, we provide these services for hundreds of languages, and that too with quality, convenience and affordability.

Software Localization

Software localization is vital because when you are using your computer, software is the real game player. We rely so much on software that we don’t even realize how important they are. For every operating system, software is like the key. But softwares are not always easy to operate, especially when they’re in a language that you can’t understand, and checking out the meanings of every instruction manually is definitely impossible. This is why software localization services exist.

Computer & Mobile Devices Software Localization

Elite Legal Translation Services offers computer & mobile devices software localization for all your software, whether your software is for Windows, Mac, Linux and any other software used for computers, laptops and other mobile devices. Our software experts ensure that turning the source text into a targeted language doesn’t disrupt any other setting for the users.

We localize softwares with the help of translators and software experts. You can stay assured that your software will be used by a larger number of people, as we won’t let our localization be a hindrance in its user friendly applications.

Localization At Its Best

While we offer a multi-lingual localization at its best for your website and software, we do it with the believe that your satisfaction is the most significant thing for us. We are available for your localization services 24/7. You can get in touch with us any time of the day through our live chat option. You can also get an instant quote and for a larger and detailed product, you can always send your queries through emails. We assure you that we’ll not only get back to you with all the information you require, but will also localize your website or software in the quickest span of time, even within 24 hours depending on your emergency and the work.