General Translation

Minutes of Meeting Translation, HR Manual Translation, Employment Offer Translation, Letters Translation, Process & Procedure Manual Translation

General Services

People usually use general translation of different documents for non-official purposes. People speaking different languages may need translating certain files into their language mostly to understand the content and general message. Hence, such need for translation does not require any legal translation formalities that include signing or stamping by a sworn translator. In general, what the person may need is to convert the general meaning in a form that is easily understandable by him/her. Additionally, most people prefer to get their documents translated by looking for a translation office near them.

Such need for general translation services is more available online for easy access and saving time and efforts.

However, if precision is a matter of essence or such documents need to be used for formal purposes, they will need to be legally translated by a sworn translator. Whether you need to generally or legally translate your document, our translators can assist you with your translation need. Contact us to know our translation office near you.

Below is a list of the general documents that Elite Legal Translation Services can translate for you within hours:

  • Menu Translation
  • Minutes of Meeting Translation
  • HR Manual Translation
  • Employment Offer Translation
  • Letters Translation