Power of Attorney Translation

Power of Attorney Translation

Why do you need power of attorney legal translation?

You need to have a power of attorney or any other form of authorization to enable someone to act on your behalf in doing some personal or professional business because you can’t personally do it.

Different forms of authorizations serve various reasons. For example, if you seek to issue a general POA, such type of authorization grants a wider authority for the attorney to act on certain properties and matters. On the other hand, a special POA, you need to specify the powers you grant and the specific property that the attorney can act on.

Similarly, authorizing someone else to act on your behalf to dispose of a real estate property or for sale purposes requires a limited POA. Abu Dhabi Notary Public has certain limitations with regards to granting a POA for sale and disposal purposes.

At Elite Legal Translation Services, we help you to draft and/or legally translate to Arabic or English your special or general POA and, if necessary, prepare it in dual format to be submitted to the notary public for notarization to make things easy for you when you submit this POA for an official use. Contact us and we will ensure you receive your translated POA or authorization very fast.

Below is a list of the POA’s that Elite Legal Translation Services can translate for you within hours: