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What does MOJ approved translation mean?

MOJ approved translation refers to a translation that has been certified or attested by the UAE Ministry of Justice (MOJ).

In the UAE, official documents such as legal contracts, court orders, and business licenses must be submitted in Arabic. If these documents are in a foreign language, they must be translated by a legal translator who is authorized by the UAE government, and the translation must be attested by the MOJ to be considered legally valid.

To obtain MOJ approval for a translation, the translation must be performed by a legal translator who is registered with the MOJ. The translator must then submit the translated document to the MOJ for attestation. The MOJ will review the translation and may ask for additional documentation or clarification if needed. Once the MOJ has reviewed and approved the translation, they will stamp and sign the document, making it a legally recognized translation.

MOJ approved translations are commonly required for legal documents, such as contracts, court orders, and power of attorney documents. It is important to ensure that any translation you have done for official purposes in the UAE is performed by a legal translator who is authorized by the UAE government and that the translation is attested by the MOJ to ensure its legal validity.

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