1,500,000 words of contracts translated in Jan 2021!

How? The answer is simple; teamwork and high demand. Despite the difficult circumstances imposed by COVID-19, the market has witnessed huge demand on translation services, especially regarding contracts and agreements.

New projects were launched, while others were closing. New disputes arose while some settlements were reached. Most of these, especially if carried out between international companies, have been drafted in English and require to be translated into Arabic.

When dealing with a UAE government, all correspondences and communications must be in Arabic, but companies deal with each other in English. Therefore, this has contributed in the increased demand on translation.

When companies enter into new tenders to carry out projects, they needs some translation for their documents into English to understand the requirements. When they prepare their proposals in light of these requirements, they need to translate them into Arabic.

Additionally, in case of disagreement or dispute about the execution of a project, companies will recourse to courts to resolve on their requests. In this case, all documents need to be translated both way; Arabic to English and vice versa.

The team of our legal translators have succeeded in January 2021 to translate more than 1,500,000 words in the form of contracts and agreements that were both used for tendering, execution of agreements or application to courts for dispute settlement.

In this regard, we would like to emphasize our appreciation to our sworn translators, proofreaders, support service teams for the extensive assistance and effort they have exerted to achieve this.

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