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Affidavit of Support

Affidavit of Support

Do you need to sponsor someone here in UAE? Anyone in your family can be under your visa as long as there will be a valid supporting document that your salary meets the minimum amount that the immigration requires. Aside from a salary certificate, they also require an affidavit of support that is notarized by the UAE notary public.

How does the affidavit of support starts? First, you need to contact us and tell us for which purpose you need it and we will be giving you precise quotation for it.

If you are having draft, you can send it to us and check if it can be approved by notary or if it’s following the UAE standard, if not then we can do the drafting for you. Since notary public is a government agency in UAE, the document should be having an English and Arabic side and should be legally translated. Once draft if made, you can double check it and confirm for printing.

The next step will be legalization, the confirmed draft will be printed into legal paper and will be sent back to you for your signature. Once you finished signing, either you can bring it to the notary public by yourself or we can assist you also in doing it online in a very reasonable price. There will be fees needed to be paid to notary depending on the validity of the document.

If you are being stressed out on thinking how to do this, no need to worry now. We already got you!

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