Certified True Copy With Elite Legal Translation

Certified True Copy With Elite Legal Translation

Certified True Copy With Elite Legal Translation

One of the most in-demand notary public service is the certified true copy.

What is certified true copy? Generally, it is known as the document was affixed with an official seal by the issuing institution or a notary public. The seal with a clear date and signature shows that the document is a true copy of the original.

For which purposes we are needing a certified true copy?

For outside the country submission or applications, they mostly require an identity verification which will be done through official identity documents like passport, national ID, birth certificate, and so on.

Since the original IDs cannot be sent to them, that’s where the CTC will be needed.

You need to look for an entity that is approved by a government entity to provide this kind of service and Elite is one of them.

We have two different kinds of CTC, a CTC that is done by a lawyer and a CTC that is done by a legal translator.

Both will be serving its purpose but some places of submission are having their own preference on whom they wanted the certified true copy will come from. If there are any forms needed to be signed or the instructions are given, better to send us a copy so we can double check if we can do it for you to not waste your time and money.

We value our clients by making sure that the purpose of the services you will be paying will be functional.

Elite Legal Translation Services is a professional translation and service company that offers high quality language translation and other services for a large number of customers.

Our team comprises of proficient translators, interpreters, proofreaders, editors, IT specialists, document clearing professionals and admin staff with specializations in various fields of our services to ensure providing you with fast and effective services.

Our services are diversified to include legal translation services, attestation services, proofreading and editing, driving license translation, driving license conversion/replacement, court document/paper legal translation, Emirates ID application, police clearance certificate, copywriting services, translation training, interpretation services and notary public applications.

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