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Driving License Application for UAE Nationals

Driving License Application for UAE Nationals

One of the advantages in applying a driving license on your own country is knowing where the roads will lead you. The application for UAE Nationals is the same as it is being applied for other nationalities as well, first thing that you need to consider if you are interested in doing it is your age. You should be at least 17 years old and a half so the traffic department will approve your application.

Here are the things needed:

  1. An eye test from accredited optical shop
  2. Valid emirates ID
  3. Passport Copy
  4. Live photo click (to be done in our office)
  5. Driving License Form (to be done in our office)

All requirements will be scanned and submitted from our side going to traffic department, what you will just do is to sit at the comfort of your home and wait for the approval from traffic department.

Once it is approved, we can assist you in opening file for traffic as well as booking your theory online class & exam. Once you passed the exam, you need to book yourself a driving test with the driving school and all process will be done with already.

Rest assured that if you became interested after reading this, we will be assisting you anytime of the day and welcome you in our office on our working hours. Just let us know which branch you are visiting so we can send you a location map.

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