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How To Grant my Spouse Power of Attorney?

How To Grant my Spouse Power of Attorney?

Your spouse is your other half, and whatever properties you are having should be considered as hers as well, but what if the property is under your name only on the paper and you wanted her to do something with it, like selling, renting, etc.?

This is where you will need a general power of attorney or special power of attorney.

Power of attorney will be the legal paper your wife can use in all the transaction that she will be doing on your property.

If you are having draft already of your power of attorney, you can send it to us to review. As it should be in 2 sided having English and Arabic language as the notary public will strictly require the Arabic translation for them to understand and approve the power of attorney. It should be stated on the draft as well the validity of the power of attorney.

If power of attorney will be used outside the country, after the notary public approved, the file should be having Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation and Embassy stamp of the country where it will be used.

If you are not having draft at all, we can help you in doing it from scratch up to file ready to be used. Everything will be done perfectly based on your preference.

We have a dedicated team to assist you in drafting and legalizing your special power of attorney. You just need to contact us at 024120000 to start the process.

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