Legal Translation

Certificate translation, power of attorney translation, medical report translation, forms translation, contract and agreement translation and driving license translation

Legal Translation

Certificate translation, power of attorney translation, medical report translation, forms translation, contract and agreement translation and driving license translation

Legal Translation

The need for legal translation services has evolved since we are living the era of globalization where people of different cultures and countries come to deal with each other. Therefore, we need reconcile our conditions and statuses to align with the legal requirements of the places we live in. Therefore, we always find ourselves required to translate our important documents into the language of the country we are living in. For example, a European person living in an Arab country should translate all his birth, marriage, ID, driving license and other documents to get a residence visa to be a legal resident of such country.

Hence, Elite Legal Translation Services has been working on developing their systems to provide UAE certified translation services and solutions for all clients from any language into Arabic. Our sworn translators specialize in translating official documents for residence visa, business, personal, court and other purposes. Our translation offices spread all over the UAE can assist you with all your translation needs.

We always work around the clock to provide fast services with affordable prices and guarantee that our translations are accepted at any government entity. All you need to do is contact us on WhatsApp, email or phone to respond to your needs within minutes. Our specialized teams will ensure that you receive the best customer service ever.

Legal Translation

In the era of globalization, marketing industries, and international businesses, accurate translators are being required. Company’s today search for high quality translators especially in the legal field, as they need precise and accurate translations of legal documents, contracts, etc.

However, this is the age of speed that is in need for legal translators, but there are important qualifications that must be considered for a translator to work law in the Legal field. The translator must have enough background about both countries’, the source and the target language, legal systems. Accuracy, clarity, and quality must be considered all at once, if one is not implied then you lose the client.

Also, having a decent glossary of legal terms and its correct equivalence in both languages. The skill of decoding difficult terminology, understanding it in the source language, convey the original meaning in the target language, and using the correct translation. The translator must have awareness to who these documents are addressed to and will the documents provide the receiving party with.

There are many problems that a translator faces in legal translation that they must take care of. When translating countries’ Laws, it must mirror the culture of it, understand the cultural references and the right structure to say it in the target language.

The translator faces the problem of language formality and style of legal writing, especially if the source was written in a specialized form of legal writing. The translator has to transform the meaning, so that the parties have great understanding of the documents without the loss of the original connotation.

Translators have to be aware of all types of texts that they may face in the legal translation field as well. Different types of legal documents are Laws, Legal contracts, Insurance policies, Power of attorney, Copyright Registrations, Licensing Agreement and General sales and purchasing conditions.

Each type of those documents acquires different translation skills. A true translator shall seek for all means to reach the most accurate, satisfying, and professional results.

When it comes to Legal Translation, the effort is doubled. Taking online Translation courses, consulting your Professors, and volunteering in translating Legal blogs will definitely improve your level in Legal Translation.

This undertaking consists of the translation of texts that are legal in nature, such as statutes, contracts, patents, wills etc. Due to the nature of this work, it deals with a lot of legal terms and issues. The documents that are submitted for legal translation are later used in legal proceedings therefore the initial meaning, in the original format must be maintained.

Legal translation is a process that requires a lot of experience, familiarity with the language and legal terms and time.

The legal system of countries varies from each other. Laws and codes of a country are defined and devised keeping in mind the cultural attitudes of its citizens and are therefore personalized according to that country.

Legal terminology is vast and complex with certain terms that exist in one language not being present in another language; in such cases, the person doing the legal translation has to come up with an equivalent to describe the procedure and meaning of the legal term, without changing the original meaning of the legal document.

In certain cases, a crime may be interpreted differently in the legal systems of different countries. While translating a legal document containing this crime, the person doing the legal translation must pay attention to the original interpretation of the crime.

Misinterpretation in translation could lead to a different judgement that could go horribly wrong. Errors are not acceptable in any cases of translation however it is very important that legal documents be translated properly with the original meaning remaining absolutely intact.

Mistakes in legal translation could lead to judgements that adversely affect individuals as well as national security, diplomatic relations etc. A few points on why legal translation is important; Law in different languages, in different countries, Cases that are often heard in court in two countries and Individuals having lack of knowledge of a country’s language.

To spot an excellent legal translator, you should look for this, they are certified or accredited as translators, Academic background in law or foreign languages, Communication skills, Responsiveness, Knowledge of two or more languages, Specialization in the branch you need international law knowledge is also a big plus and Exceptional written skills grammar should be perfect as well as the ability to write that way in both languages.

There is a need for legal translators to do the translations and for every country, the rules and regulations vary accordingly. The qualification needed for a legal translator is a degree in business and legal translation.

In legal translation, a specific kind of language is used. Any wrong usage of words can result in the cancellation of the text and it may no longer be trusted. Requiring a high amount of accuracy, legal translation is not an easy task to perform; it takes time to produce it with efficiency.

Legal translators must have years of expertise in this field because one mistake can cause a loss in money along with other legal ramifications.

Legal translation, like any other translation work, is the translation of texts, which is related to the field of law. Legal translation is a complex process, unlike the regular translation which is straight forward writing. For what all documents legal translation is required? This is a serious question to be answered.

Everything starting from financial documents, identity documentation, official reports, transcripts, and witness statements to immigration documents, wills and trusts, litigation papers, everything needs a legal translation.

Elite Legal Translation Services is a professional translation and service company that offers high quality language translation and other services for a large number of customers.

Our team comprises of proficient translators, interpreters, proofreaders, editors, IT specialists, document clearing professionals and admin staff with specializations in various fields of our services to ensure providing you with fast and effective services.

Our services are diversified to include legal translation services, attestation services, proofreading and editing, driving license translation, driving license conversion/replacement, court document/paper legal translation, Emirates ID application, police clearance certificate, copywriting services, translation training, interpretation services and notary public applications.