Translations for Media

Media translation is the translation of a company’s media content, so that the company can engage with audiences in new locations. Media content often includes a promotional or marketing element, so it’s wise for companies to choose their translator(s) carefully when converting media content to other languages.

The translation of media content, literature and marketing requires talents and skills that are almost opposite to those required for technical, legal, medical, or scientific translations, in which conceptual exactness and terminological precision are key.

The objective of literary text and marketing copy is to emphasize various aspects of human thought. These types of translations use symbolism, puns and metaphors that target the human emotions rather than trying to convey specific information.

In order to convey the same intent as the original text, we use specialized translators experienced in literary translations. It is our goal to convey the exact same emotions and values of the original author while maintaining the integrity of the work. This talent requires translators who do not just “know” another language, but who are great literary writers themselves.

From press releases and news articles to multimedia specs and digital content, Elite Legal Translation Services understands the media industry. We have extensive experience working with top media organizations and understand the need for fast and accurate media translations.

Having worked with multinational companies and daily newspapers, Elite Legal Translation Services is organized to serve the particular needs of this industry.

‘Media content’ is a term that refers to a range of documents that businesses use as part of their daily operations. The term encompasses text documents, images and video files. Media content can include anything from press releases to promotional videos.

Media translation is the translation of a company’s media content, so that the company can engage with audiences in new locations. It covers news item translation, video translation and plenty more. In our modern era of globalization, many companies want to engage with audiences in more than one country in order to sell their products and raise awareness of their brand.

Media translation can help to achieve this goal. Media content often includes a promotional or marketing element, so it’s wise for companies to choose their translator(s) carefully when converting media content to other languages. Marketing translation expertise should be high up on the list of experience of those undertaking the work.

When done right, media translation can open up doors, helping a company to reach out beyond international borders. However, when done wrong it can result in ridicule and anger – that’s why using a professional localization expert is an essential part of modern media translation. Different countries have different religious and cultural values, so translating any kind of promotional material should be undertaken carefully.

Text documents, images and videos should all be viewed through the eyes of the potential audience and any inappropriate elements phased out and replaced. It’s important to check cultural references as part of this process too, to ensure that the target audience will understand them and find them relevant.

Why should you translate media content?

There are thousands of different types of communication, and each one has its own requirements. Nonetheless, they all have one thing in common: their content is the cornerstone around which everything else revolves. We are talking about all kinds of content: articles, opinions, podcasts, news videos, etc.

Sometimes, this content is not even our own product! It can be a re-published part of a feature article which was published by another medium, or even articles created by users or followers who want to collaborate with a specific medium or blog (such as on the Medium platform).

With the Internet, making this content reach thousands of users is simpler than ever before. And this is great! It will generate more traffic to our website, more subscriptions, increased income through publicity, etc. If you are a printing medium with an online version, an active website will boost sales of your paper editions. But, in order to reach all of these people, you cannot remain in just one language. Translating your content is essential for reaching the maximum number of people.