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Divorce Certificate Translation

Divorce Certificate Translation

Like marriage, a nullity of it should be registered as well from the country where the ceremony happened. If the couple are coming from different countries, they need to register it as well on their respective embassies.

Not all countries are having divorce, but if you decided to make it here in UAE, they do have this option when things went out of the box.

Since we all know that all documents issued here in UAE are coming from Arabic language, we needed to do a legal translation of the divorce certificate to English or to which language you prefer.

That’s how we can do the work for you. Even you are at the comfort of your home, we can take care of your legal translation without hesitating about the confidentiality of your document, as it is our utmost priority. We might be needing from you a copy of your emirates id or passport as a reference for the names stated on the certificate.

If the document is issued here inside the UAE and you will be using it outside the country, the document should be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and might require as well an attestation from embassy of the submission before we proceed in doing the legal translation.

Our job is to break the language barrier wherever you are in the world, just send us a “hi” message and we will be taking care of your inquiry and give you the best price you that will satisfy you with a quality work.

Elite Legal Translation Services is a professional translation and service company that offers high quality language translation and other services for a large number of customers.

Our team comprises of proficient translators, interpreters, proofreaders, editors, IT specialists, document clearing professionals and admin staff with specializations in various fields of our services to ensure providing you with fast and effective services.

Our services are diversified to include legal translation services, attestation services, proofreading and editing, driving license translation, driving license conversion/replacement, court document/paper legal translation, Emirates ID application, police clearance certificate, copywriting services, translation training, interpretation services and notary public applications.

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