Why My Document Needs Attestation

Why My Document Needs Attestation?

Why My Document Needs Attestation?

An attestation is a type of declaration regarding the existence of one paper or instrument. It strengthens the legality of the document that will make the document be accepted by the requesting entity.

Beforehand, the document will be accepted to be attested when it is having an apostille/stamp coming from country’s embassy.

An apostille certification is done when documents are to be used in countries which are members of the Hague Apostille Convention.

We are receiving mostly marriage certificates, birth certificates and a lot more type of documents. In UAE, the document should be having stamp of Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the home country and embassy before they can do the attestation.

If the document is issued inside UAE and will be used outside UAE, the document as well should have an attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy of submission country for the document to be considered as existing and be legally used.

An attestation is not having expiration date, as long as your document is existing, the stamp will be there forever. A common mistake of some people, they are laminating the document before attestation so the attestation body isn’t approving in making the attestation to it. We know that you wanted to protect the document you have, but you need to check every time how to handle your documents most especially when it will be hard for you to request a new copy.

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