Embassy Approved Vs. MOJ Approved

Are you asking about the difference between Embassy Approved Vs. MOJ Approved documents?

In the translation world people are always asking “is your translator certified by the Embassy or Ministry of Justice?”. Some are confused about the difference between these two types of licensing of a translator.

Elite Legal Translation Services is working with a lot of types of approvals of translators, but these two specific certified translators are what always trend to be asked for and mostly needed and demanded by clients.

When we say “embassy-approved translator” we mean that the translator is certified by a specific embassy, to which the translation can only be submitted depending on the purpose. It will be legalized with the stamp and signature of the translator.

Most documents that are being translated are certificates. But, you have to take note that even if you will use it outside the country there are still embassies that require the original to have complete attestations like (MOFA attestation).

While, for “MOJ-approved translator” the translator is certified and licensed by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

If you need a legal translation to be submitted to MOJ, it is a must that a Translator who will do it must be MOJ certified or approved. It will be legalized with the stamp and signature of the translator.

Most documents that are being legally translated are certificates and other business related documents.

There are also instances that if you will submit translation to embassy or use it outside country they always require MOJ certified translation.

Any document issued outside UAE to be translated and submitted to MOJ must be attested by UAE Embassy in the country of origin then the UAE MOFA.

It is important to know and understand the requirements related to where you will be using the official translation to be able to provide with you correct and precise information and give you the best service that we can offer.

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