Discount Code on Elite Services UAE 024120000

Discount Code on Elite Services

Discount Code on Elite Services

Who doesn’t love discounts? But did you ever think that aside from supermarkets, shopping centers and electronic shops, you can also have discount in availing legal translation and other services?

Here is the simple and easy thing to do, you need to go on our website,, write down your name, mobile number and email address and it’ll give you a discount voucher code that can be used for different services, including:

  • Legal Translation, of any document. whether it is normal file, files for court, medical report, invoices, CVs, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate and any other files needing legal translation.
  • Attestation, of different certificates that are needing Ministry of Justice Attestation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation, Ministry of Education Attestation, Ministry of Interior Attestation, Embassy & Consulate Stamp or Attestation of different countries.
  • Power of Attorney, from drafting, to legalization and submission to Notary Public.
  • Driving License Application, convertible or non-convertible, opening of files in traffic department, application for golden chance and translation of driving licenses.
  • Police Clearance Certificate, coming from Ministry of Interior & Dubai police that can be used inside and outside UAE that is having validity of 3 months, can be used in employment or whatever purpose it requires.
  • Copywriting, Editing and Proofreading, to all documents that are needing second look for finishing before publication.
  • Stamping, to those documents needing to be printed on stamped papers with legal translator stamp.
  • Certified True Copy, for whatever files you need to submit on different agencies and wanting to keep the original copy with you.

Just send us the screenshot/voucher code and we will be happy in giving you the discount you deserve!

Elite Legal Translation Services is a professional translation agency that offers high quality language translation services for a large number of language pairs. Our team comprises of proficient translators, interpreters, proofreaders and editors with specializations in various fields and languages. We aim to provide accurate, professional translation services, efficient localization solutions and distinguished interpreting services to a wide variety of clients, including entities as well as individuals.

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