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354 Medical Reports Translated in Mar 2021

354 Medical Reports Translated in Mar 2021

Are you asking about how we succeeded in getting 354 medical reports translated in Mar 2021?

One of the most important documents you might have is a medical certificate; because of this, you will be able to know your medical history and care given to you by your health care providers. This document will be beneficial for you once you decided to ask for another doctor’s opinion once you are having serious illness and needing immediate medical action or to change the doctor/medical center you’re dealing with.

For healthcare professionals, good medical records are vital for defending a complaint or clinical negligence claim.

Everyone is taking care of themselves but in terms of health, you should always expect the unexpected; last March, we just legally translated 354 medical reports, some are for reference, since most of the medical reports are written in English and clients are Arabic, others are from English to other languages. Other clients are needing it for court, sending it to file their sick leave on their companies and a lot more of reason. Whatever it is, we got you!

At Elite, we have our own translator who studied in medical field giving us more confidence that we are translating your medical records quickly and accurately.

Just send us Hi on our website, send us email or call us at 024120000. You can send us directly the scanned file, we’ll have it evaluated, send you the best quotation and give you the translation in hours.

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