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Making Wills & Testaments

Making Wills & Testaments

No one wants to say goodbye, but departing will be more peaceful knowing where your properties will go, taken care of, and who will bare it after you’ve been gone. You’ll never be worried as it will be taken care the way you wanted.

A last will and testament is one of the most important estate planning documents you can prepare.

There are different types of wills:

A simple will is where you can decide who will receive your assets, if the beneficiaries are still minor, who will handle the inheritance and also name a guardian for any minor children.

A living will has nothing to do with distributing your property after your death. Instead, it allows you to choose what medical treatments you want to have if you become incapacitated. In a living will, you may also name someone to make decisions on your behalf.

You can have one or more wills at the same time and all can be valid.

We can assist you in doing it here in UAE starting from drafting the will, making Arabic translation, determining the coverage, registration of the file in courts, in other cases, expats are needing a power of attorney, a separate guardianship will (if you wish to have, but not mandatory), submitting it to Notary Public to be legalized and submission on your Embassy or Consulate.

This can be a difficult job, so select a person who is trustworthy and capable of handling stress.

You can nominate your spouse, immediate family, including children or siblings who are above 21 years of age as the executor of the will.

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