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Legal Translation Companies in UAE

Legal Translation Companies in UAE

Legal translation companies in UAE are regulated and licensed by the UAE Ministry of Justice to practice the activity of providing legal translation services.

The official translation service must be carried out by the sworn translator by observing all legal and language requirements.

For documents that are issued outside the UAE, the document must be duly attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs before proceeding with the translation work.

The sworn translator must observe all legal, ethical and language impositions when carrying out his work to ensure conveying the precise message of the original text without any manipulation or deviation.

The UAE Ministry of Justice licenses translators to be sworn translators and provide legal translation services after ensuring that they fulfill all requirements of the profession.

The applicant translator must be at least a bachelor degree holder of the language he/she is applying for. If applying to become an English-Arabic legal translator, for example, he/she must hold a bachelor degree in English literature or translation.

Additionally, the applicant translator must hold at least 5 year of proven practical experience in the field of translation to ensure his/her capability and competence to carry out the official legal translation work after passing the legal translator exam.

After passing the legal translator exam, the candidate translator must pass a medical exam and provide a professional insurance certificate covering the professional errors that may happen while practicing the profession of translation.

After fulfilling all licensing requirements, the Ministry of Justice will make an entry for the legal translator with a unique number and issue a sworn translator card identifying all important information and data about him/her.

The licensed translator can only translate from and into the language pair he/she is approved to translate. For example, a French-Arabic translator is not allowed to legally translate documents from or into English.

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