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How to Legally Translate Medical Reports

How to Legally Translate Medical Reports

Most of the people think that the document will be called legally translated when it is made by a legal translator. Yes it is, but to get an accurate legal translation, the translator should be experienced on the field that he will be translating.

One of the technical documents we are receiving is the medical report, because of its terminology, accurate translation should be given, and we are proud to say that we have a legal translator who had medical background who can give the most accurate medical certificate legal translation in a very fast manner.

In terms of health care, other people are going abroad to look for a good doctor/ health care facility for their health needs, as a patient coming from abroad, what you will be bringing with you on coming back is the medical report.

If the medical report is coming from outside UAE and will be used here inside the UAE, the medical report should have all attestations before the translation; attestation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the country of origin, UAE embassy and MOFA attestation from inside UAE before proceeding to legal translation.

If you did the medical care from inside the country and needing to use the medical report outside the country, you need to tell us on which language you will be needing your translation, as different countries requires different attestations but MOFA attestation should be there.

Let us know the purpose of the translation and we are always available 24/7.

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