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Legal Translator Registration in UAE

Legal Translator Registration in UAE

Any interested individual or entity wants to be a licensed legal translator or register their employee in the UAE in order to work or operate business that caters legal translation services for variety of documents that needed to be translated for almost transactions in the UAE have to acquire the approval from Ministry of Justice.

This service allows to register a legal translator, for the first time or after 90 days of prior registration’s expiry date. Translators who has intent to secure a license must adhere to the procedure designed specifically for this service the Government of UAE provides.

Here’s a glimpse of what will happen once an individual launch their application by registering on the Ministry’s electronic portal and submitted by uploading the required documents on the service system. In is necessary to save the application number for follow-up purposes in the future. Access log in to the system to review the applications submitted and can be printed in the form of a file.

A representative will communicate with the client to complete the documents required and can be extracted on the system of data to verify the document and to be sent them to the security of the ministry to have security approval of my data system and after which attach the print out with the application.

After getting the approval of the application, the application will be transferred to the committee of the translators. The first meeting of the committee of admission of the translators will determine the test date for the applications approved by the committee. The client will be contacted to inform the test date and as well as to confirm the availability of attendance of the client.

Confirmation of the identity of the client and receive personal belongings before and after of the test is necessary. After the submitting the test results to the head of the translators’ section the client needed to complete the required documentation and submit it to the customer service center with which to be sent them to the head of the translators’ section for the reviewer.

If the client happened to fail the test, a request rejection of the application to be attached with the test result can be made in order to hold a second meeting with the committee to accept the translators. Which then successful applications will be reviewed and taken into consideration.

All the decision of the committee are included in the minutes of the meeting and will be implemented whatever it is record.

The client will be informed of the success of the application and will be asked to complete his registration in the interpreter department. The client then needs to submit a personal photograph of the employee present the registration form for the translator and the office. If the application is successful, the client will receive the registration card for the legal interpreter, signed translation of the record from the members of the Commission which then the client will sign as a proof of receipt.

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