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Translation of Court Documents

Translation of Court Documents

Translation of court documents lays at the core of legal translation. At times of dispute or disagreement all files, papers and correspondences must be legally translated into Arabic to be submitted to UAE courts.

Whether the dispute is of personal or commercial nature, any form of communication, contract, memorandum, instruction, etc… must be legally translated to be able to present it to a judge or expert.

In the UAE, the legal translation of any file or document must be carried out a legal translator licensed by the UAE Ministry of Justice. UAE authorities do not accept any form of translation unless the document is legally translated by a sworn translator approved by the Ministry of Justice.

Additionally, documents issued outside the UAE must be duly attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs before making legal translation for such documents; otherwise the legally translated document may not be accepted by the court.

In Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, a new practice has been applied, which requires all litigation papers to be translated into English if either party is a non-Arab. For example, if you are a non-Arab and initiate a lawsuit against another person, all your papers and files must be translated into Arabic before lodging your statement of claim.

After that, all memoranda and documents submitted to the court must be legally translated into English to ensure that both parties are well familiar with what is going on regarding the court case.

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