Why do I need to notarize my document?

The main reason we are needing to submit documents in Notary Public is for the legalization of the file; Notary Public in UAE serves as one of the government entities who are authorized to sign a paper for legalization in behalf of the government.

What are the common files we are receiving that are going to be submitted in Notary?

Mostly Power of Attorney, regarding properties, legal purposes, cancellation of power of attorney, and request removal from power of attorney.

Other documents being accepted are marriage certificates, attestations, work and partnership contracts, sales contracts, but these should be done by a certified lawyer.

Since we are legal translation company, there are only certain documents that we can accept and submit on behalf of the client.

Other files that will be used outside the country should be having attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy depending on the requirement of the country where it will be submitted. We can assist you as well in doing the attestations needed.

The best thing for you to do is to let us see your document for proper evaluation, so we can advise you accordingly to your specification.

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