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Theory Exam of Driving License Online or At School?

Theory Exam of Driving License Online or At School?

Are you asking yourself about which is better theory exam of driving license online or at School?

If you are planning to have a driving license here in UAE, most especially in Abu Dhabi, the process of the application will be like this:

1st, you need to make your eye test, it will be uploaded directly to traffic department

2nd, we need to see and submit all your documents to traffic department, to make sure that you are having an Abu Dhabi Visa, of if not, a sustained NOC coming from a company based in Abu Dhabi.

3rd, we will be waiting for approval of your application. Once approved, 4th step should be done.

4th, application of opening file in traffic department

5th, booking of theory class

There will be two options in booking a theory class, can be online or on-site, so what do you think will be the best one for you?

We suggest, that if you are new in UAE or new in driving, it’s always better to take the on-site, as it will be actual, and you can understand more as there is someone who will assist and answer your questions immediately.

If you know how to drive and just taking the theory class for formality, you can have the online, it will just be your review for whatever you knew about the road safety.

Whatever choice you will make, always know that being a driver takes a lot of responsibility, so you need to asses yourself, in which one you will be comfortable and will learn properly.

An Elite, we can assist you from submitting your file, to opening file and booking online theory class. Just send us message or call us directly and we are happy to assist you.

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