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Why is MOFA Attestation of Documents Needed?

Why is MOFA Attestation of Documents Needed?

Are you asking about why is MOFA Attestation of Documents Needed?

MOFA stands for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in UAE it is one of the government agencies doing attestation for the documents to be considered as legal.

This kind of attestation will be usually seen on birth certificates, marriage certificate, and other personal kind of certificate or other files that will be used inside and outside UAE.

As a legal translation company, there are rules coming from UAE government that sworn translators must ensure that the document is duly attested by the UAE and MOFA before translating it.

In Elite Legal Translation Services, we are making sure that your document will be accepted on the entity of submission by checking if your documents are already having attestations, this is the reason why our sales representatives are asking for a scanned copy of documents, to do the proper evaluation.

All staff underwent a training regarding the confidentiality of documents and signed a non-disclosure agreement as the nature of our work includes secrecy, so if you’re feeling shy to send your documents to us, you should not, because we value the trust that our clients are giving us.

Elite Legal Translation Services is a professional translation agency that offers high quality language translation services for a large number of language pairs. Our team comprises of proficient translators, interpreters, proofreaders and editors with specializations in various fields and languages. We aim to provide accurate, professional translation services, efficient localization solutions and distinguished interpreting services to a wide variety of clients, including entities as well as individuals.

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