265 Medical Reports Translated In Feb 2021

Medical report legal translation is required for all types of medical reports or certificates to evidence a medical condition of a person, whether they are seeking to apply for medical treatment, support due to a medical health condition or any other purpose.

The process of translating a medical report goes through the following process: The original medical report must be presented to the sworn translator after being issued and stamped by the concerned entity.

However, if the medical report or certificate is issued from outside the UAE, the original report or certificate must be duly attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs then translated into Arabic if it will be submitted to any government entity in the UAE to be used for any purpose.

If the medical report will be used outside the UAE, it will be translated into English or any other language then attested by the UAE Ministry of Justice then MOFA and embassy, if required.

The translation of medical documents requires specialized knowledge and expertise of dealing with medical texts and terminology to ensure conveying the correct meaning in a language that is mostly understood and used by doctors and other medical staff.

Translating medical papers also requires the translator to be able to utilize all available linguistic and medical resources to reflect the exact meaning intended by doctors.

In Feb 2021, our legal translators have translated 265 medical reports from various languages into Arabic and assisted hundreds of clients to benefit from the translation of their medical reports and certificates inside the outside the UAE.

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