Online Payment is Available Now

In light of the fast pacing developments taking place regarding online service delivery and online payment using the state-of-the-art blockchain technology.

Customers’ preferences of payment options available to them have changed over time from cash to bank transfers to making online payments from the comfort of their couches.

People all over the world are increasingly preferring to use online services and buy products online. The big credit for this goes to the huge enhanced ecommerce and its platforms.

Blackchain technology has made the online payment options as easy as never has been. Utilizing this technology we can pay for our purchases by simply clicking a payment link that routes us to a simplified page to enter our card details to complete the simple process within few seconds.

As part of its continuous development strategy to keep pace with the state-of-the-art technologies, Elite Legal Translation Services have introduced the feature of online payment to make it easier for its customers to pay for their translation orders online within one click.

Its launch of the first online translation store required enabling customers to complete their orders online and make payments for these orders online as well.

All our services (translation, driving license, interpretation, proofreading, notary public applications, MOFA attestation, embassy attestation, police clearance certificate, etc…) are available on our online store. Everyone can simply order their translation online, pay online and get their translated document online.

We have also a dedicated support team who is tasked with assisting clients with any request they have towards making their service journey special and simple.

Elite Legal Translation Services is a professional translation agency that offers high quality language translation services for a large number of language pairs. Our team comprises of proficient translators, interpreters, proofreaders and editors with specializations in various fields and languages. We aim to provide accurate, professional translation services, efficient localization solutions and distinguished interpreting services to a wide variety of clients, including entities as well as individuals.