634 Notary Service Applications Submitted in Feb 2021

Notary service applications largely vary to include notarizing all types of power of attorney, including a special power of attorney (SPOA), general power of attorney (GPOA), power of attorney for commercial license, power of attorney for lawyer and power of attorney for car sale (bank).

It also includes the notarization of the revocation and cancellation of a power of attorney.

The notary service also covers notarizing all types of contracts, including memorandum of association, local service agent contract, sole proprietorship contract, sale contract, mortgage agreement, contract amendment annex, joint venture contract, partnership contract and reconciliatory agreement.

This service also includes the notarization of the cancellation and revocation of all types of contracts and amendments to them.

Persons seeking to ensure the rights of their heirs usually prepare a will & testament to allocate their properties to their heirs.

To make will & testament an official document, it need to be notarized. Clients frequently need assistance to get their wills drafted, legalized and finally notarized by Abu Dhabi Notary Public (Judicial Department) or Dubai Courts.

The notary public service also includes the notarization of all types of declarations; declaration of monthly income, declaration of case waiver, non-objection declaration and declaration of loan waiver.

Submitting an application to obtain the notary public service requires a certain level of experience in dealing with the notary’s system and their legal requirements.

The notary always requires modifications to powers of attorney, contracts and declarations submitted to them when the applicant does not observe the legal requirements and stipulations.

Our team specialized in applying for the notary public services have succeeded in assisting hundreds of clients in Feb 2021 to get their POA’s, contracts and declarations notarized within few days and sometimes in few hours.

We have successfully submitted 241 powers of attorney, 197 contracts of all types, 120 amendment annexes to contracts, 54 declarations, 12 revocations and cancellations of POA’s and contracts and 10 wills & testaments.

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