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A New Face of Business: The Role of E-commerce during Pandemic

A New Face of Business: The Role of E-commerce during Pandemic

Over the decades, businesses already have different faces in the economy industry. Businessmen tend to find ways to explore things that will help their businesses grow. They can actually increase their profits using the tip of their finger. They can sell online. This is the new face or trend in business, the e-commerce, which is our digital version of buying and selling goods and services.

It is indeed prominent how social media platforms remodel the way we live each day of our lives. All ages, teenagers to adults can spend their time in browsing and messaging on the internet. Since the Internet is very convenient for everyone, some wise entrepreneur uses this platform to heighten their profit sales, and then e-commerce emerges. It is time-consuming when people buy at the store and fall in line first to pay for the things or products they purchase. I bet most of us have experienced this, that buying to physical store can be so much exhausting. Some people who are often exposed in social Medias are those fond of doing online shopping. Basically, this is more convenient and stress-free for those who don’t want take some queue. According to the Global E-commerce of 2020, they had forecast that the global retail ecommerce sales of 2020 would decelerate to a 16.5% growth rate in 2020 but it is unexpected when their initial forecast is different from the actual report in 2020 e-commerce. They also reported that there are countries that will stand out in e-commerce growth: The Philippines, Malaysia, Spain and nine other countries. These statements imply that the e-commerce worldwide is continuously rising and elevating.

Things got change because of Corona Virus Disease 2019. During this pandemic where people are not allowed to go outside and do shopping, they should stay at home. In our first three months under quarantine, there is a widespread store closures all over the world and employees should work from their home. Some employers were forced to eliminate their workers because they cannot pay all of them.  In this kind of situation, we tend to ask ourselves how are we going to survive in each day under the mobility restrictions and numerous people have lost their job. This new face of business, e-commerce will help a lot of people to adapt the new normal amidst pandemic. This is a win-win solution between an entrepreneur and the customers. The customers can have access to their needs and wants, using different social media platforms. People could just visit websites and order what they need while maintaining our good health and keeping ourselves safe from the virus. On the other hand, online entrepreneurs will also benefit in this new face of business since they are the one who sustain our needs. Aside from this advantages of this stay-at-home-transaction, there are also disadvantages. First from the list is unable to check the products before purchasing. Before COVID-19 pandemic, where most of the people could acquire what they want by buying in a physical store, they could touch and choose product that they wanted the most, but right now, we are limited to do so. Most of us are just depending on the reviews of the products without seeing it in an actual condition. Poor customer service could also be a rampant negative effect. Imagine working in a BPO industry having a customer who is not satisfied with the products or services that the company offers. Trying so much to provide such offers and solutions, however, agents already know that the customer is decided to cancel any of his service from your company. Do you think that providing offers is an option if he is adamant to cancel already? Yes, you are right, in this kind of situation, providing offers is not a solution to your customer’s problem. Most of the agents and even online sellers are too pushy to give such promotions to their customers for them not to abandon their service with them. Even if they know that the best option they could do is to let go. Some online sellers and BPO agents are just focusing on their numbers, not what the best for their customers. Hence, it is a scenario showing some good for business, but bad for customers. E-commerce is a business model that is working so much in this pandemic rides along the rise of a more modernized business paradigm.

Business refers to the organized efforts and activities of individuals to produce and sell goods and services for profit according to Adam Hayes. Gaining profit is what you should do if you are in business but also be mindful what is best for the people. There are lot of things to consider when you are planning e-commerce. It is not just about gaining profit but providing an honest, ultimate, and ethical approach for all the customers that you will be encountering. The whole world is adjusting because of pandemic, I hope that when you plan to enter this business, stay firm and be patient, it is not about how much you gain per day but how you value each and even if you are just talking over the phone or internet. There will be times that you will have an increase number on your sales but also remember that every day is not Christmas, just be passionate and keep going. Change in businesses prevalence, so be ready.

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