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How To Enroll Kids in UAE Schools?

How To Enroll Kids in UAE Schools?

Are you asking yourself about how to enroll kids in UAE schools?

Schools are asking formal documents as requirements in different schools around the world.

United Arab Emirates are having good schools where you can send your kids to have a better future by trusted schools that can nurture your children.

In this case, your children will be accepted on school when they are having formal documents like birth certificate, your marriage certificate and other kind of documents that are part of the requirements.

If the documents are coming from outside the country, the document should be having attestations of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the origin country, Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation from inside UAE and legal translation for the file to be in Arabic if it is required.

If the document is issued inside the country, if the file is in English, and required to be in Arabic, we can do the English to Arabic Legal Translation for you.

What does it cost you in choosing Elite Legal Translation Services? Saving time. As we can assist you from the attestation of your documents into becoming ready for submission. You will not need to look for someone who can do it for you on your home country, you’ll not be having headache to follow up, and everything will be done in your convenience.

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