Pakistani Driving License to UAE Driving License UAE 024120000

Pakistani Driving License to UAE Driving License

Pakistani Driving License to UAE Driving License

Are you looking to change your Pakistani driving license to UAE driving license? You are at the right place.

One of the amazing places to experience driving is UAE as there are a lot of film shooting that will inspire you to drive in here.

For Pakistan driving license, it is not convertible. However, if you are obtaining a valid driving license from your home country, we can apply a golden chance for you.

There is a rule nowadays that for Pakistan driving license, you need to go to your embassy for verification before we can apply and submit all your documents to traffic department.

How does the golden chance work? First, you need to do your eye test with accredited optical shop.

Second, come to our office for us to check all the documents you have, Emirates ID, Visa Page, Passport Copy, etc. scan it for you and submit it to traffic department.

We will be submitting your files and wait for approval before we open you file to traffic department.

Once the file is open, you can book your theory class and do your theory exam, once done, you need to pay some charge for applying golden chance and you need to do the practical driving test with Emirates Driving School.

Our team is committed to bring happiness to our clients, if you want to start your driving journey don’t hesitate to contact us at 024120000.

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