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How to Make Special Power of Attorney in UAE

How to Make Special Power of Attorney in UAE

Making things done while you’re away is quite hard, same thing when you’re not away but running some errands, even you’re good at time management, there will be a time that you’ll be needing someone to do things for you in a legal way.

How? By making a Power of Attorney.

There are different types of Power of Attorney, but what I will be discussing is one of the most demand of our clients, Special Power of Attorney.

It is called Special Power of Attorney because you are giving the power to do things to someone you trust; who can be a relative, a business partner, a colleague, or a friend to do a specific job like signing of your documents, selling a certain property of yours, and a lot more.

Is it your first time to make it and not having idea about it? At Elite, we can assist you starting from drafting your SPOA, we will be asking you to check it after we finished it, so we will know if we met the standard of the powers you need to give, once you’re happy with the draft, we will be doing the legalization of the document.

In UAE, SPOAs should be notarized for its legality; which we can also assist you. Since you’re away, a Notary Public will be calling you via webex before notarizing your document just to verify that you are the one giving the power.

You just need to attend the given schedule, let them see you and your emirates ID and done. If there will be a modification on the documents, we will still be with you in modifying and re-submitting it back to them. A whole package of comfort made for you.

Special Power of Attorney in Abu Dhabi can be valid for 1, 2 or 3 years only, but in Dubai there is no expiry date for it.

Everything will be done perfectly based on your preference, making sure that you’ll not be worried on trusting your properties to someone else.

We have a dedicated team to assist you in drafting and legalizing your special power of attorney and, if needed, to provide you with official translation for it to be used outside and inside the UAE.

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