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Driving License Renewal in Abu Dhabi

Driving License Renewal in Abu Dhabi

Enjoying driving in Abu Dhabi? Oops, try to take a look on your driving license expiration date to avoid fines.

Renewal of your driving license is easy and simple. We can do it for you as quickly as you can imagine.

For those who are already driving in Abu Dhabi, If you started driving from 18 years old to 21 years old, Abu Dhabi Traffic Department will be granting you only 2 years to drive; since after this 2 years, you’ll gain more experience in driving and your age will be added too, after renewal, it will become 5 years, same years for others, more years to enjoy driving.

For convertible license, the duration of new UAE driving license will be 5 years and the renewed driving license will be valid for another 5 years.

What are the documents needed to obtain in doing this?

You just need to go and do your eye test again, give us an access to your Abu Dhabi police account, in this case we can see if you are still eligible for renewal, if you are having traffic fines, and so on. Once everything is clear on the system, you can start driving again in UAE, but don’t forget to always drive safe.

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